bookcrossing-labelsBookcrossing labels2 years
ccwlConcise Common Workflow Language (mirror of months
skribiloDocument production tool written in Guile Scheme (unofficial mirror)4 months
exiftool.elElisp wrapper around ExifTool14 months
kolamGraphQL implementation for Scheme7 months
guile-xapianGuile bindings for Xapian6 weeks
guile-emailGuile email parser7 months
guix-forgeGuix software forge meta-service8 months
nasa-apod-gnu-social-botNASA Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) bot for GNU Social 2 years
ennumOrg-mode static blog generator29 hours
run64SRFI-64 runner for Scheme7 months
sambalSample balls, spheres, spherical caps17 months
thogaiStenotyping software for Emacs2 months
tamil-computingTamil computing group website 2 years
tamil99Tamil99 input method for Emacs3 days
tissueText based issue tracker6 months
timelockTimed release encryption utility 2 years
bh20-seq-resourceTool to upload SARS-CoV-2 sequences to BH20 Arvados instance and orchestrate ana...18 months
youtube-noscript-shimUse YouTube with NoScript 2 years
remove-noscript-mask-on-ebayUser script to remove noscript mask on ebay 2 years
nsmcn-sphere Monte Carlo method 18 months