BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
analysis-refactorAdd "validated" and "running workflows" tables to statusPeter Amstutz2 years
fasta-subset-from-queryExtract PDH from result and construct URIs from thatPeter Amstutz21 months
generate-cwlUse default output of pipelineArun Isaac17 months
masterJetson test sequencePjotr Prins19 months
new_assembly_method_fieldadded the assembly_method field to distinguish de-novo assemblies from refere...AndreaGuarracino21 months
pangenome_workflow_abpoaabPOA works better starting from shorter sequencesAndreaGuarracino21 months
upload-download-statusGive uploader an option to trust local validation (for batch imports)Peter Amstutz2 years
uuid-for-resourceUse arvados uuids for RDF subjects.Peter Amstutz21 months
yamlfa2ttlsample_id in the FASTA has to match the sample_id in the YAMLAndreaGuarracino19 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-01-28Jetson test sequenceHEADmasterPjotr Prins
2021-01-28Restored tools submodulePjotr Prins
2021-01-28Moving tools out of submodules (sorry!)Pjotr Prins
2021-01-28Adding support for AuspicePjotr Prins
2021-01-26Merge pull request #124 from urbanslug/masterPjotr Prins
2021-01-26Add phylogeny workflowNjagi Mwaniki
2021-01-08GenBank: Fix normalization and depth differences with original recordsPjotr Prins
2021-01-08Set JSON indentationPjotr Prins
2021-01-08Get correct GenBank ID with version, see #122Pjotr Prins
2021-01-08FASTA file should not have leading spacePjotr Prins