guile-xapianGuile bindings for Xapian3 weeks
varugaSend ical calendar invites from your Emacs email client5 weeks
guile-emailGuile email parser6 months
tamil-computingTamil computing group website6 months
skribiloDocument production tool written in Guile Scheme (unofficial mirror)6 months
guix-arunisaacarunisaac's Guix odds and ends7 months
exiftool.elElisp wrapper around ExifTool13 months
rent-in-londonShortlist houses to rent in London19 months
ksh-reportsKuzhanthai Sanjeevi Hospital reports22 months
meenHide clocks replacing them with fish22 months
ennumOrg-mode static blog generator23 months
tamil99Tamil99 input method for Emacs23 months
thogaiStenotyping software for Emacs2 years
tissueText based issue tracker2 years
run64SRFI-64 runner for Scheme3 years
kolamGraphQL implementation for Scheme3 years
guix-forgeGuix software forge meta-service3 years
ccwlConcise Common Workflow Language (mirror of years
sambalSample balls, spheres, spherical caps3 years
nsmcn-sphere Monte Carlo method 3 years
bh20-seq-resourceTool to upload SARS-CoV-2 sequences to BH20 Arvados instance and orchestrate ana...3 years
timelockTimed release encryption utility 4 years
youtube-noscript-shimUse YouTube with NoScript 4 years
remove-noscript-mask-on-ebayUser script to remove noscript mask on ebay 4 years
bookcrossing-labelsBookcrossing labels4 years
nasa-apod-gnu-social-botNASA Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) bot for GNU Social 4 years