BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mainAdvertise python code.Arun Isaac11 months
unfinished-experimentsBunch of unfinished experimentsArun Isaac11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-01-08Advertise python code.HEADmainArun Isaac
2022-01-08Add cmake and gcc-toolchain to the Guix manifest.Arun Isaac
2022-01-08Add C code for experiments.Arun Isaac
2022-01-08Port spheroid experiment to python.Arun Isaac
2022-01-08Ignore python generated files.Arun Isaac
2022-01-08Port integral experiments to python.Arun Isaac
2022-01-08Port volume experiments to python.Arun Isaac
2022-01-08Port to python.Arun Isaac
2022-01-07Move to `guix shell' friendly manifest.scm.Arun Isaac
2022-01-07Add python dependencies to manifest.Arun Isaac