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keyringAdd key for arunisaac.Arun Isaac8 months
masterMake repository a guix channel.Arun Isaac8 months
v0.3.2exiftool.el-0.3.2.tar.gz  exiftool.el-0.3.2.tar.lz  exiftool.el-0.3.2.zip  Arun Isaac5 years
v0.3.1exiftool.el-0.3.1.tar.gz  exiftool.el-0.3.1.tar.lz  exiftool.el-0.3.1.zip  Arun Isaac5 years
v0.3exiftool.el-0.3.tar.gz  exiftool.el-0.3.tar.lz  exiftool.el-0.3.zip  Arun Isaac7 years
v0.2exiftool.el-0.2.tar.gz  exiftool.el-0.2.tar.lz  exiftool.el-0.2.zip  Arun Isaac7 years
v0.1exiftool.el-0.1.tar.gz  exiftool.el-0.1.tar.lz  exiftool.el-0.1.zip  Arun Isaac7 years
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2023-07-08Make repository a guix channel.HEADmasterArun Isaac
2021-06-10README: Add repology packaging status badge.Arun Isaac
2021-06-10README: Add continuous integration badge.Arun Isaac
2021-06-10README: Add MELPA badge.Arun Isaac
2021-06-10README: Update command to run tests.Arun Isaac
2021-06-10README: Expand contact and license macros.Arun Isaac
2021-06-10README: Define wikipedia link abbreviation locally.Arun Isaac
2021-06-10README: Add title.Arun Isaac
2021-06-10tests: Move feature requirements to the top of the code.Arun Isaac
2019-05-20Declare exiftool-command for the byte compiler.Arun Isaac