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authorArun Isaac2022-09-19 01:32:35 +0530
committerArun Isaac2022-09-19 01:36:48 +0530
commite994dd7d21f1e69cea64f289499cf6e2c750b660 (patch)
parent8e02f1b133afe9412a9527925fd3bb06f9930baf (diff)
bin: Deprecate tissue index subcommand.
The index is built on all tissue subcommands. There is no need for a separate subcommand to build the index. Having a separate subcommand only complicates the command-line interface and confuses the user. * bin/tissue (tissue-index): Delete function. (print-usage): Unlist index subcommand. (main): Do not call tissue-index.
1 files changed, 0 insertions, 14 deletions
diff --git a/bin/tissue b/bin/tissue
index e6ba96b..5ebc201 100755
--- a/bin/tissue
+++ b/bin/tissue
@@ -340,18 +340,6 @@ Serve current repository over HTTP.
(website-directory . ,(assq-ref args 'website-directory))
(xapian-directory . ,%xapian-index))))))))
-;; This is a noop, since the index is built on any tissue command. It
-;; exists just for the --help usage summary.
-(define tissue-index
- (match-lambda*
- (("--help")
- (format #t "Usage: ~a index
-Index files in repository.
- (command-line-program)))
- (() #t)))
(define (print-usage)
(format #t "Usage: ~a COMMAND [OPTIONS] [ARGS]
@@ -364,7 +352,6 @@ COMMAND must be one of the sub-commands listed below:
web-dev serve current repository over HTTP
web serve one or more repositories over HTTP
pull pull latest from upstream repositories
- index index files
To get usage information for one of these sub-commands, run
~a COMMAND --help
@@ -538,7 +525,6 @@ Pull latest from upstream repositories.
("search" tissue-search)
("show" tissue-show)
("repl" tissue-repl)
- ("index" tissue-index)
("web-build" tissue-web-build)
("web-dev" tissue-web-dev)