AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 daysguix.scm: Add dependencies.HEADmainArun Isaac
12 daysguix.scm: Patch shebang in executable script.Arun Isaac
12 daysguix.scm: Wrap tissue executable.Arun Isaac
12 daystissue.scm: Add CSS.Arun Isaac
12 daystissue.scm: Copy IBM Plex fonts to built website.Arun Isaac
12 daysbin: Print error message and exit on user-error conditions.Arun Isaac
12 daysbin: Error out if web-dev subcommand is not given a website directory.Arun Isaac
12 daysbin: Define &user-error-condition.Arun Isaac
12 daysbin: Separate development and deployment subcommands in listing.Arun Isaac
12 daysbin: Clarify that web-dev serves both built website and issues.Arun Isaac
12 daysbin: Deprecate tissue index subcommand.Arun Isaac
2022-07-24web: server: Use small caps for document type identifiers.Arun Isaac
2022-07-24web: server: Style document type identifiers without color.Arun Isaac
2022-07-23web: server: Use default font size for search result titles.Arun Isaac
2022-07-23web: server: Remove special line height for search hints.Arun Isaac
2022-07-23bin: Add tissue web-dev subcommand.Arun Isaac
2022-07-23git: Prefer reading checked out files.Arun Isaac
2022-07-23bin: Abstract out REPL listen code.Arun Isaac
2022-07-21bin: Add tissue web-build subcommand.Arun Isaac
2022-07-21web: server: Be unaware of the state directory.Arun Isaac
2022-07-20web: server: Add article 'the' in handler docstring.Arun Isaac
2022-07-20utils: Allow specifying parent of temporary directory.Arun Isaac
2022-07-20bin: Do not print canonical paths when pulling.Arun Isaac
2022-07-20git: Add git-tracked-file? utility.Arun Isaac
2022-07-20web: server: Respond to a static file request with a bytevector.Arun Isaac
2022-07-19web: server: Move document type identifier into HTML.Arun Isaac
2022-07-19web: server: Remove rounded edges on search filters.Arun Isaac
2022-07-19web: server: Remove rounded edges on tags.Arun Isaac
2022-07-19issue: Render tags as an unordered list.Arun Isaac
2022-07-19web: server: Link to Xapian::QueryParser syntax documentation.Arun Isaac
2022-07-19file-document: Show created and last updated dates in listings.Arun Isaac
2022-07-19web: server: Parse provided search query only once.Arun Isaac
2022-07-19search: Sort by date on strictly boolean queries.Arun Isaac
2022-07-19utils: Add string-contains? utility.Arun Isaac
2022-07-19issue: Quote tags with spaces instead of hyphenating them.Arun Isaac
2022-07-19search: Parse boolean terms in search query.Arun Isaac
2022-07-19document: Index boolean terms.Arun Isaac
2022-07-19document: Store serialized date as value in Xapian document.Arun Isaac
2022-07-13document: Use string-blank?.Arun Isaac
2022-07-13search: Match all on blank query, not null query.Arun Isaac
2022-07-13utils: Add string-blank? utility.Arun Isaac
2022-07-13web: static: Do not log output directory name when building.Arun Isaac
2022-07-13document: Tolerate unbound slots when serializing.Arun Isaac
2022-07-13document: Remove unnecessary import of (rnrs hashtables).Arun Isaac
2022-07-13issue: Move <issue> posts slot into <file-document>.Arun Isaac
2022-07-13file-document: Fix typo in read-gemtext-document docstring.Arun Isaac
2022-07-13document: Move <file-document> code to a new (tissue file-document).Arun Isaac
2022-07-11issues: Implement incremental search.Arun Isaac
2022-07-11issues: Implement search suggestions.Arun Isaac
2022-07-11issues: Sort by date.Arun Isaac