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issues: Implement incremental search.
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+# Incremental search
+* tags: enhancement, web ui
+We could implement "incremental search" in the web UI. Incremental search is a real-time search feature in which results matching a query are immediately rendered on the page. This is like how Helm and similar work on Emacs.
+=> Incremental search on Wikipedia
+According to the above Wikipedia article, Google implemented incremental search under the name "Google Instant", but later discontinued the service. I wonder why.
+For incremental search with Xapian, special considerations with the query parser apply.
+=> Considerations for partially entered query matching with Xapian's query parser
+Incremental search would incur a significantly higher bandwidth cost than regular delimited search. It should be strictly optional. The page should fall back to delimited search when it is disabled (say, when javascript is disabled).