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authorArun Isaac2022-07-09 00:44:03 +0530
committerArun Isaac2022-07-09 00:44:03 +0530
commit9dfd2836909cfbb7fc1d2fcc2b13ba42b680fe72 (patch)
parent6ee93bd98198f30f45de93db51334367646df662 (diff)
bin: Rename run-web subcommand to web.
* bin/tissue (tissue-run-web): Rename to tissue-web, and update synopsis in usage summary. (print-usage, main): Rename run-web to web.
1 files changed, 6 insertions, 6 deletions
diff --git a/bin/tissue b/bin/tissue
index f6fface..edd5d52 100755
--- a/bin/tissue
+++ b/bin/tissue
@@ -209,11 +209,11 @@ command-line arguments ARGS.
(upstream-repository . ,(git-top-level)))))))))
-(define tissue-run-web
+(define tissue-web
- (format #t "Usage: ~a run-web [OPTIONS]
-Run a web search service reading configuration from CONFIG-FILE.
+ (format #t "Usage: ~a web [OPTIONS]
+Serve repositories specified in CONFIG-FILE over HTTP.
--listen-repl=P run REPL server listening on port or path P
-C, --config=CONFIG-FILE read configuration parameters from CONFIG-FILE
@@ -285,7 +285,7 @@ COMMAND must be one of the sub-commands listed below:
search search issues
show show the text of an issue
repl run a Guile script in a tissue environment
- run-web run a web search service
+ web serve one or more repositories over HTTP
pull pull latest from upstream repositories
index index files
@@ -449,8 +449,8 @@ Pull latest from upstream repositories.
((_ "pull" args ...)
(apply tissue-pull args))
- ((_ "run-web" args ...)
- (apply tissue-run-web args))
+ ((_ "web" args ...)
+ (apply tissue-web args))
((_ command args ...)
(call-with-current-directory (git-top-level)
(lambda ()