AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-01-08Bunch of unfinished experimentsunfinished-experimentsArun Isaac
2022-01-08Port spheroid experiment to python.Arun Isaac
2022-01-08Ignore python generated files.Arun Isaac
2022-01-08Port integral experiments to python.Arun Isaac
2022-01-08Port volume experiments to python.Arun Isaac
2022-01-08Port to python.Arun Isaac
2022-01-07Move to `guix shell' friendly manifest.scm.Arun Isaac
2022-01-07Add python dependencies to manifest.Arun Isaac
2022-01-07Switch to a Guix manifest.Arun Isaac
2021-12-31Use git-predicate in guix.scm.Arun Isaac
2021-06-30Expose rstats in scheme wrapper.Arun Isaac
2021-06-30Implement offcenter volume experiments.Arun Isaac
2021-06-30Add offcenter ellipsoid extent oracle.Arun Isaac
2021-06-30Implement window stopping criterion for integrals.Arun Isaac
2021-06-30Support sampling in sphere.Arun Isaac
2021-05-07Implement spheroid importance sampling experiments.Arun Isaac
2021-05-07Implement volume of bodies experiments.Arun Isaac
2021-05-07Implement integral experiments.Arun Isaac
2021-05-07Use window stopping criterion for volume.Arun Isaac
2021-05-07Treat extent oracles and integrands as const arguments.Arun Isaac
2021-05-07Do not pass rng to integral-per-direction.Arun Isaac
2021-05-07Define with-file and with-data-file sc macros.Arun Isaac
2021-05-07Move with-rstats and define with-rstats* sc macros.Arun Isaac
2021-05-07Define with-rng sc macro.Arun Isaac
2021-05-07Move with-vector to macros.sc.Arun Isaac
2021-05-07Define for-i-step sc macro.Arun Isaac
2021-05-07Define when and unless sc macros.Arun Isaac
2021-05-07Add rtol? predicate.Arun Isaac
2021-05-07Declare polynomial_integrand_params member as const.Arun Isaac
2021-04-20Wrap ellipsoid functions.Arun Isaac
2021-04-20Return rstat object from volume and integral wrappers.Arun Isaac
2021-04-20Do not return volume or integral estimate.Arun Isaac
2021-04-20Return the first accurate estimate.Arun Isaac
2021-04-08Wrap volume-importance.Arun Isaac
2021-04-08Rename volume-experiment to volume-importance.Arun Isaac
2021-04-08Wrap gsl_sf_lngamma.Arun Isaac
2021-03-19Demonstrate cone sampling with rejection sampling too.Arun Isaac
2021-03-19Implement rejection sampling based cone sampling.Arun Isaac
2021-03-19Factor out random planar angle generation.Arun Isaac
2021-03-16Deal in solid angle fractions, not absolute solid angles.Arun Isaac
2021-03-16Fix edge case when vectors around the nth canonical axis are required.Arun Isaac
2021-03-16Implement simplified cone sampling algorithm.Arun Isaac
2021-03-15Put sample code in separate function.Arun Isaac
2021-03-15Remove unused imports.Arun Isaac
2021-03-15Add function docstrings.Arun Isaac
2021-03-15Remove space between function name and bracket.Arun Isaac
2021-03-15Implement simplified cone sampling algorithm.Arun Isaac
2021-03-15Vectorize functions.Arun Isaac
2021-03-15Fix solid_angle_fraction2planar_angle for solid_angle_fraction > 1/2.Arun Isaac
2021-03-10Do not concatenate numpy arrays.Arun Isaac