AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-20Declare exiftool-command for the byte compiler.HEADmasterArun Isaac
2019-05-20Add gitignore.Arun Isaac
2019-05-20Add build and clean targets to Makefile.Arun Isaac
2019-05-20Move tests Makefile to top level directory.Arun Isaac
2019-05-16Bump version.v0.3.2Arun Isaac
2019-05-16Change buffer name of exiftool process to *exiftool*.Arun Isaac
2019-05-16Specify exiftool executable in a variable.Arun Isaac
2019-02-04Bump version.v0.3.1Arun Isaac
2019-02-04Signal a file-missing error when file is not found.Arun Isaac
2017-08-23Ignore minor errors while copying tags.Arun Isaac
2017-06-16Deprecate use of `car'.Arun Isaac
2017-06-16Deduplicate extraction of tags of test cases.Arun Isaac
2017-06-16Fix indentation.Arun Isaac
2017-06-14Bump version.v0.3Arun Isaac
2017-06-14Do not print out messages.Arun Isaac
2017-06-14Handle literal "-" tag values.Arun Isaac
2017-06-14Add new test cases.Arun Isaac
2017-06-14Test copying only specific tags.Arun Isaac
2017-06-14Use test files of the same format.Arun Isaac
2017-06-14Use regexp to extract tag and value.Arun Isaac
2017-06-14Copy only provided tags.Arun Isaac
2017-04-27Update README.Arun Isaac
2017-03-10Shorten `check' command.Arun Isaac
2017-03-03Update README.Arun Isaac
2017-03-03Update README.Arun Isaac
2017-03-03Update README.Arun Isaac
2017-03-02Update README.Arun Isaac
2017-03-02Update README.Arun Isaac
2017-03-01Update README.v0.2Arun Isaac
2017-03-01Rename library to exiftool.el.Arun Isaac
2017-03-01Require `cl-lib' instead of `cl-macs'.Arun Isaac
2017-02-28Rename unused argument `closure' to `_'.Arun Isaac
2017-02-28Require `tq' dependency.Arun Isaac
2017-02-28Require `cl-macs' instead of `cl'.Arun Isaac
2017-02-28Improve formatting.Arun Isaac
2017-02-28Improve formatting.Arun Isaac
2017-02-28Add "Package-Requires" header.Arun Isaac
2017-02-28Add "Version" header.Arun Isaac
2017-02-28Update README.v0.1Arun Isaac
2017-02-28Improve formatting.Arun Isaac
2017-02-28Update README.Arun Isaac
2017-02-28Improve commentary.Arun Isaac
2017-02-28Capitalize ExifTool.Arun Isaac
2017-02-28Improve docstring.Arun Isaac
2017-02-27Support copying specific tags.Arun Isaac
2017-02-27Improve docstrings.Arun Isaac
2017-02-27Rewrite tests with dynamic variable `el-exiftool-tests--tag-value'.Arun Isaac
2017-02-27Add docstring.Arun Isaac
2017-02-23Add Makefile for tests.Arun Isaac
2017-02-23Move tests to separate directory.Arun Isaac