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2016-12-01Change "noscript" to "<noscript>"HEADmasterArun Isaac
2016-12-01Add paragraph about NoScript featureArun Isaac
2016-12-01Use `tree' link abbreviationArun Isaac
2016-12-01Rename script extension to .user.jsArun Isaac
2016-11-15Increment version to 1.1v1.1Arun Isaac
2016-11-15Change attribution linkArun Isaac
2016-11-15Add images demonstrating effect of scriptArun Isaac
2016-11-15Replace "greasyfork.org" by "Greasy Fork"Arun Isaac
2016-11-15Add license informationArun Isaac
2016-11-15Add download informationArun Isaac
2016-11-14Fill paragraph for readabilityArun Isaac
2016-11-14Revert "Change README to markdown"Arun Isaac
2016-11-13Change README to markdownArun Isaac
2016-11-12Add README.orgArun Isaac
2016-11-12Target nojs-msk and nojs-msg classesArun Isaac
2016-11-09Initial commitArun Isaac