AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-06-20Release version 0.2.1.HEADv0.2.1masterArun Isaac
2022-06-20Makefile: Suffix libguilexapian with effective Guile version number.Arun Isaac
2022-06-07Release version 0.2.0.v0.2.0Arun Isaac
2022-06-07Makefile: Add swig flag to search for include files is srcdir.Arun Isaac
2022-06-07Makefile: Mark xapian/wrap.scm as built source file.Arun Isaac
2022-06-07Makefile: Fix typo renaming xapian_wrap.scm to xapian/wrap.scm.Arun Isaac
2022-06-07Makefile: Distribute swig files.Arun Isaac
2022-06-07xapian: Accept bytevector slot values with document-slot-set!.Arun Isaac
2022-06-06xapian: Accept bytevector data with document-set-data!.Arun Isaac
2022-06-06Recommend guix shell instead of guix environment.Arun Isaac
2022-06-06README: Thank Ludovic Court├Ęs for bug report.Arun Isaac
2022-06-06guix.scm: Do not override native-inputs.Arun Isaac
2022-06-06guix.scm: Use source from current directory.Arun Isaac
2022-06-06pre-inst-env: Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to $abs_top_builddir/.libs.Arun Isaac
2021-09-08Makefile: Clean xapian.i and xapian_wrap.cc.Arun Isaac
2021-09-08Makefile: Replace suffix rules with pattern rules.Arun Isaac
2021-09-07Makefile: Silence swig.Arun Isaac
2021-09-07Makefile: Silence guild with GUILD prefix.Arun Isaac
2021-09-07README: Add Contributors section.Arun Isaac
2021-09-07tests: Add binary document tests.Bob131
2021-09-07xapian: Introduce document setters.Bob131
2021-09-07xapian: make-document: Accept bytevectors.Bob131
2021-09-07xapian: Introduce document-slot-ref-bytes.Bob131
2021-09-07xapian: Reimplement document-bytes.Bob131
2021-09-07Add SWIG wrappers for bytevector method variants.Bob131
2021-09-07Set up testing infrastructure.Arun Isaac
2021-09-06xapian: Support in-memory databases.Arun Isaac
2021-09-06README: Remove unnecessary guile -s flag.Arun Isaac
2021-09-02xapian: Fix spacing in association list.Arun Isaac
2021-09-02Update copyright years.Arun Isaac
2021-09-02README: Add continuous integration badges.Arun Isaac
2021-09-02website: Add website.Arun Isaac
2021-09-02Add guix.scm.Arun Isaac
2020-10-17xapian: Introduce document-bytes.Arun Isaac
2020-10-14xapian: Wrap MSet-snippet.Arun Isaac
2020-10-14Use Guix's guile-xapian package for `guix environment`.Arun Isaac
2020-03-07xapian: Rename document-ref to document-slot-ref.v0.1.0Arun Isaac
2020-03-06xapian: Wrap document values.Arun Isaac
2020-03-05xapian: Wrap Enquire-get-mset using keyword arguments.Arun Isaac
2020-03-05xapian: Wrap Database-get-doccount.Arun Isaac
2020-02-26Add generated files to .gitignore.Arun Isaac
2020-02-26Organize .gitignore.Arun Isaac
2020-02-26Load libguilexapian with absolute path or through a search path.Arun Isaac
2020-02-26Support guile 3.0.Arun Isaac
2020-02-19Invoke GUILE_PKG to set GUILE_EFFECTIVE_VERSION.Arun Isaac
2020-02-19Build xapian/xapian.scm after libguilexapian.la.Arun Isaac
2020-02-19Load libguilexapian without any specific path.Arun Isaac
2020-02-18xapian: Remove generated scheme stub.Arun Isaac
2020-02-18Rerun pkg-config to find xapian include flags for swig.Arun Isaac
2020-02-17README: Warn about unstable API.Arun Isaac