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mainREADME: Fix broken link to signing key.Arun Isaac14 months
v0.1.0kolam-0.1.0.tar.gz  kolam-0.1.0.tar.lz  kolam-0.1.0.zip  Arun Isaac15 months
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2022-01-19README: Fix broken link to signing key.HEADmainArun Isaac
2022-01-05README: Add releases.Arun Isaac
2022-01-05website: Add release tarballs.Arun Isaac
2022-01-05README: Add roadmap.v0.1.0Arun Isaac
2022-01-05README: Improve introductory paragraph.Arun Isaac
2022-01-05build-aux: Check news during distcheck.Arun Isaac
2022-01-05build-aux: Abstract out opening an archive file.Arun Isaac
2022-01-05Makefile: Add dist and distcheck targets.Arun Isaac
2022-01-05Makefile: Abstract out test files.Arun Isaac
2022-01-05configure: Output version.Arun Isaac